Currently, due to the pandemic, the School of the Laity is offering its sessions ONLINE only. This has provided an awesome opportunity to experience the classes without the added travel time and accommodation expense. We encourage everyone, at all levels of Bible study to take a class! Classes are offered in March, June and October each year.

The School of the Laity was a vision of past Executive Presbyter Dr. J. Richard Bass, who saw the desire of laypersons to engage in serious study of scripture, theology, and ministry.

The students commit to participate in seven sessions over a two-year period. Each session involves eleven to eighteen hours of class time and additional hours of personal study. The courses are: Introduction to the Bible, Introduction to Reformed Theology, Practical Ministry, Worship Elements, Old Testament, New Testament and History, Mission & Polity. Summer sessions are taught by theological college professors while fall and spring sessions vary between professors and pastors.

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