Wilmington Island Presbyterian Church


Arise, your light is come! The Spirit's call obey; Show forth the glory of your God Which shines on you today.

This is the opening stanza of one of my favorite hymns, a hymn that speaks of the glory of god that shines on us and through us. And for more than 40 years Wilmington Island Presbyterian Church has been a beacon shining forth the light of Christ to our community, our city and our world.

Today, a new light is dawning in our church, a new day has begun. You can see it in the faces of those who gather for worship. You can glimpse it shining forth in the children who come to our Preschool, to our Sunday School classes and to other programs here at the church. You can observe it whenever we gather to study and pray together.

God has blessed us here at the Wilmington Island Presbyterian Church, and God will continue to bless us as we seek to walk in the light of Christ, as we obey the Spirit's call, this day and always.

This week in our church:   

Sunday, September 3
Worship/Communion, 10:30a
ICNS Soup Kitchen, 4p
Alcoholics Anonymous, 7:30p

Monday, September 4
Office Closed

Tuesday, September 5

​WIBBs, 9a
Alcoholic Anonymous, 8p

Wednesday, September 6
Men's Bible Study, 7a
Dinner, 5:45p
Study, 6:30p
Choir Practice, 7:30p

Thursday, September 7
Weight Watchers, 5p & 6:30p

Friday, September 8
Alcoholics Anonymous, 8p

Saturday, September 9
Weight Watchers, 9a

Sunday, September 10
Sunday School. 9a
Worship, 10:30a
Fellowship Hall Refresh, 11:30p
Alcoholics Anonymous, 7:30p